This is the “About” part of our website. This is where we talk about how much caffeine we intake in a day or how much alcohol we drink because we’re laid back and “Creative”.

Scroll down and we have pictures of every staff member that works for us, super close-up shots, and a hipster brick wall in the back. Then you’ll see some more pictures of us just hanging out, maybe playing foosball or ping pong, and a picture of our dogs.

Scroll down some more and there’s our mission statement. Here we’ll string together as many buzzwords as possible, like “bold”, “progressive”, “innovation”, “disrupters”, “passionately passionate about passion”, “creatively creative” and how those are our core competencies.

But guess what, we’re not that. We’re a marketing agency started and led by Michael Tandarich and a fantastic team of part-time and full-time designers, marketers, and developers. We’ve also taken a different route with our location. In order to best serve our clients, we are a completely remote team. This allows us to bring in the best of the best while keeping our expenses low.

Want to know what we care about? We care about what you care about, and that’s making your company successful. We don’t care about awards, or getting a beer fridge, or having pictures of our beautiful faces, we care about getting you and our client’s results.

That’s it.

Michael Tandarich
Owner of TandarichGroup

What People Say About Us

“The TandarichGroup has been a great asset to United Sports. They are very professional and developed a marketing strategy that exceeded our expectations while staying within our budget. Under their direction we greatly increased our social media marketing and experienced direct, measurable results and grew our programs.”

“Michael Tandarich and his team are a rare breed of creative designers combined with exceptional execution. Their websites are not only clean, crisp, and modern, but also perform at the highest levels. Their strategic marketing is laced throughout giving you the professional brand your company seeks. To round out their exceptional websites, their client service experience is a thing of beauty, enabling clients to seamlessly manage their own websites without the hassle which is so common in the industry.

In the digital ads space, there is really only one metric – increased sales. Michael Tandarich and his team has spent over a decade honing their craft of making you more money. Sign up, get out of their way and let them manage your ads. The results you can expect are 4X, 10X, and even beyond.”

“The TandarichGroup delivered quality marketing designs for web and print on time, every time. I knew I could rely on Mike even when projects came up suddenly. He’s prompt, he’s great to work with, and he hustles. I recommend him for your next design project.”

We can continue talking about how great we are on our website, or we can set up a time to talk about you and your goals! And we’d rather learn more about you than talk about us. So why don’t you click the button below and set up a time with us to talk more!