Tired of “Ad Experts” that say they can get you results but just …. suck. Yea we don’t like them either. Every dollar you spend on Ads we treat like our own and we mean that!

That’s why we crush for our clients! From running extensive Ad Campaigns for Shark Tank products, taking e-commerce brands from $70k a month to $200k a month consistently, hundreds of leads for service based companies, and more!

We love helping our clients win with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, and more digital ad campaigns!

This is the very first step in our monthly ad process. Welcome to the dark side! Or is it the light side cause we’re the good guys?

Either way this is where we start to learn about you, your business, your goals, your competitors (so we can beat them), and start building out your custom strategy.

After signing the agreement, we will send over a Questionnaire form that helps us get to know your business and goals.

Next we move into the create phase! This is where we start building out your campaigns on either Facebook (Meta), Google, or both! Here we also set up all of the pixels and tracking to make sure we can accurately track results for you! We also make any improvements needed to your website or create landing pages based on what is needed in your strategy.

We base a lot of this information from the Questionnaire form and the extensive research we do to set you up for the most success.

Once we set up your initial campaigns we begin to test and grow your campaigns based on the results we are getting.

This step is ongoing each month. We are in your ad campaigns each day tracking, testing and making sure we are getting the most bang for your buck.

Through the years we have created a lot of awesome Ad Campaigns! Below are a few of our most recent ones!

Shark Tank Products

The Grypmat was featured in Shark Tank Season 9 and received investments from Lori Greiner, Richard Branson, and Mark Cuban.

When we took on the Grypmat we tested and built out multiple strategies targeting various target markets. Along with this we provided content direction to capitalize on the current trends in the market.

With the Grypmat we ended up getting a 35% better ROI than the previous Ad Agency running their account.

Landscaping Client

One of the first things we did with this client was implement proper pixel tracking and redesigned multiple landing pages to help increase conversion.

Along with running Google Ad Campaigns we also ran Facebook/Instagram Ads. We tested multiple images, videos, and various content.

After creating multiple video content pieces we were able to improve their cost per lead by 75%.

Flooring Company Client

This client was one of the clients who we completely redid their website.

Through extensive research and keyword targeting we were able to bring in consistent calls and form submissions. Which resulted in thousands of dollars worth of work each month with just a small monthly ad budget.

E-commerce Brand

We have been working with this client for over 3 years. We run multiple accounts for them. Facebook/Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit and more.
Through the last few years we have helped to 2x their business, with some months hitting 3x of their sales when we first started.

We absolutely crush it on Facebook/Instagram for this client, but with Google Ad campaigns we are able to get ROI numbers of 2,272%. Which is WAY above industry standards.

We know you probably have some questions,
so here are our most common questions and the answers.

Questionnaire form, research, daily management, copy, testing, pixel setup, and monthly reporting are all included in our Digital Ads monthly packages. Monthly meetings are available to clients paying over $4000 a month.

Yes, you can hire a large agency really cheap to handle your ads and become another number to them. Or you can hire someone cheap you met that says they can run Digital Ads, but doesn’t really have the results.

Here’s the deal, we treat every dollar you spend like it’s coming out of our pocket. This means if you aren’t getting good results we work tirelessly to turn that around.

That’s why we’re trusted by dozens of service-based companies, Shark Tank products, and multi-million dollar e-commerce brands to run their digital ads.

No, our monthly packages do not include ad spend. Ad spend is determined by your goals, competition, reach, market, and budget.

Absolutely not! We only take on a few clients so that we can provide the best service possible to our Ad Clients.

We run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Depending on your product or service we will help you determine where to run Ad Campaigns.

No! We stay in close communication with our clients on their budgets and will stay within your budget each month.

We have some clients that give us full autonomy with their ads and we adjust the budget each month base on their conversion rates.

Yes! At the end of every month we provide a report breaking down the results from that month.

We are working with dozens of service-based companies, Shark Tank products, and multi-million dollar e-commerce companies. These companies are across all different industries, Automotive, Landscaping, Roofing, Paving, Ecom Products, HVAC, Hunting, and more!

We pride ourselves in keeping a good relationship with our clients. Most of our clients have been with us for 2-3 years, and we have some that have been with us for 8+ years.

We can continue talking about how great we are on our website, or we can set up a time to talk about you and your goals! And we’d rather learn more about you than talk about us. So why don’t you click the button below and set up a time with us to talk more!