Converting Followers
into Paying Customers

The Ski Bum

Exploring the Outdoors

We hand-selected locations in the area with the goal of creating a place on The Ski Bums social media outlets that users would want to come back to each week to see the new location to explore that weekend. A user saw one of our #AdventureoftheWeek posts and used that location to propose to his girlfriend. That specific user may not have bought a product at that moment, but we can guarantee that our client’s name will forever be apart of this customers life.

Cart Abandonment

We developed a Facebook Retargeting Ad campaign directed at customers who abadoned the cart. This campaign proved a postive ROI each month for the client.


ROI on campaign retaining customers who abandoned the checkout cart

Email Marketing

Emails were redesigned to increase click through rates and open rates.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Monthly Facebook Ad Campaigns are integrated to increase online and in store sales.


ROI on Sorel and UGGs Christmas Facebook Ad campaign

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