A website is the digital base for your company. It provides the perceived value for your entire company. 38% of users will stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive, according to Forbes. 75% of users will make a judgment about a business’s credibility based solely on how their websites look, according to a study from Stanford. 46% of people “will not purchase from a brand if its website or mobile experience is poorly designed.” According to a study done by Adobe.

Your website should be visually appealing, tell a story about your brand, be able to drive leads or sales, track people that have come to your site, be easily found, and most importantly make you money. Without those things, your site will simply be a waste of your investment.

This is the very first step in our process, welcome to the dark side! Or is it the light side cause we’re the good guys? Either way this is where we start to learn about you, your business, your goals, your competitors (so we can beat them), and what you want your new website to look like.

After signing the agreement and paying your first invoice, we will send over a Questionnaire form that helps us get to know you! Afterwards, we jump into the design phase!

Next we move into the design phase! This is where we make your website look “Awesome”! In this step, we take everything from our research and create a Home Page mockup. This mockup not only determine what your Home Page will look like but it gives us a guide to what the rest of the site is going to look like.

Once we complete the mockups we send them over to you to review. From here you have 2 edit rounds to perfect your website before we move into development!

Now that we have locked in the perfect design for your website it’s time to start developing it. At this step we code out your site and bring it to life. Yes, we make it look Awesome on a computer. Yes, we make it look Awesome on a phone, and Yes we make it look Awesome on a tablet. Once we complete the development we send over for you to review and give you another 2 edit rounds to make any changes you would like to see!

If you like everything you see, we then do final testing and launch your site! Once it is launched we send over multiple videos on how to edit and use the backend of your website so that you’re not lost. Oh wait, you want us to help manage it once it is launched?! We can totally do that too!

Through the years we have created a lot of great websites! Below are a few of our most recent ones!

We know you probably have some questions,
so here are our most common questions and the answers.

We completely understand that there are many other solutions to building a website that are more cost-effective. Anything from a drag and drop solution, pre-made template, or having your nephew put something together. However, most of the time those solutions don’t take into account how your customer interacts with the site, the strategy for getting sales or leads, the research of your competitors and industry, the story that your website says about your brand and most importantly how your website can make you money.

Our websites on average typically take 8-10 weeks to complete based on getting information and feedback from our clients. However, if you need a website sooner we would be more than happy to discuss and meet that timeline.

We utilize WordPress as the base platform and build your website off of that.

We set your site up with the basic SEO needs that can be left on auto-pilot.

However, once your site is launched we can recommend an SEO company for you to work with.

Many other agencies charge a yearly fee for your hosting and domain renewal and then take some off of the top. We want to make sure we are as transparent as possible with you and so the only costs after your site is launched will be from a 3rd party company that hosts your site or domain.

If there are frequent changes or needs to your site that you would like us to do we can provide a monthly quote.

Yes! We set your site up in a way that makes it easy for you to edit! We don’t recommend editing any code though.

We provide you with training videos, specific to your site, so that you forever know how to edit your site!

Yes! Around 60% of users will view your site on a mobile device, so every website we create is made to look great on mobile devices and tablets.

We can continue talking about how great we are on our website, or we can set up a time to talk about you and your goals! And we’d rather learn more about you than talk about us. So why don’t you click the button below and set up a time with us to talk more!